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Finance and Insurance

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The increasing number of online offerings intensifies the competitive pressure in the financial services sector. Customer loyalty and topics like data protection and secure data management become increasingly complex.

Now what you need is a targeted customer loyalty management, which responds to the needs of your customers individually and emotionally. In addition, you need data protection solutions that transfer highly sensitive customer data into direct communications.

Our solution

Emotional & secure customer relationships? It is that easy: Whether it's a customer competition, a bonus program or another action or event, we address your customers regularly and differentiate between product, location, and socio-demographic profiles. We see what our dialogue partner needs exactly and inspire him with unique high-quality communication. We also provide secure data transfer. We transform highly sensitive account-, user- or policy data into final on- and offline communication products reliably and precisely.

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Hotel business

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Digitization and intensified competitive pressure force the hotel industry to build new hotel sites and thereby to focus on targeted and coordinated brand communication more strongly.

Tools and processes for creating continuity and consistency in hotel communication are in great demand. In this context, the task of minimizing capital in the communication process and in communication articles attracts increasing attention.

Our solution

Coordinated on-demand communication across locations? Here you are: With our online ordering platform we implement a tool, which enables you to order on-demand e.g. menu cards, door signs, flyers or posters at any time from anywhere and everywhere you would like to. Completely automatic. In the process, your print communication is CI-compliant, consistent and coordinated across locations. Additionally, we take care of the smooth sequence of the entire process: Order, print, payment processing, distribution and logistics. You do not even need your own storage capacity. You can order on-demand without a big capital commitment and receive your desired and configured articles easily and automatically.

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The development of new markets and competitors leads to an increase in innovation and cost pressure in the tourism industry. The price transparency associated with the digital market also makes it harder to build customer loyalty and -enthusiastic.

Customer proximity – the magic words that are now more important than ever for you as a travel service provider. It is a must to understand and convince your customers to create emotional long-lasting customer relationships!

Our solution

Tightly focused development of long-term customer relations? That is not an issue:
We address your customers, travel agencies and consumers across all channels and respond to their individual needs. We launch customer campaigns as needed, quickly and flexibly and can respond to unforeseen events in your industry immediately. In the field of customer loyalty, we implement premium programs for you and assume their entire processing from the customer data administration, through the registration of the members, up to the distribution and the management of customer premiums. We print everything a service provider needs. At high production volumes, we also focus on quality and uniqueness in our printing and its finishing and further processing.


Mail-order business

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The large number of market participants in the mail-order business uses digital channels in their communication strategy. In addition to the enormous potential for growth and success in the online segment, declining clicks and rising advertising prices also characteristic the prospective development of the digital channel.

The attractiveness of proven offline channels in the mail-order business increases. Multi-channel solutions determine the future of your business. Also, your demand for solutions in the areas of distribution and delivery possibilities grows.

Our solutions

Multi-channel strategies combined with reliable logistics solutions? No problem:
We link your distribution channels from stationary to e-commerce and accompany your customers through the various channels. In doing so, we take the specific needs of the channel, the customer and the contact point into account and transfer them into a unique strategy. In the area of SCM, we provide appropriate logistics processes and integrate them into your supply chain. Regardless of whether they are solutions in the classical warehouse logistics or in the clearing sector.

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Advertising agencies

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As an innovation driver in the communication and external representation of companies you have to react to the orders and wishes of your customers ad hoc. The digitization and the intensified innovation pressure demanded even more flexibility and speed in the implementation of projects from you.

For a holistic implementation, you need trustful partners who help you to finalize and realize ideas quickly and uncomplicatedly.

Our solution

You need a partnership with capacity of reaction fast as lightning? You are welcome:
As a 360 degree service provider we can offer you for (almost) everything a solution. Here we are characterized by our strong implementation drive, our linked thinking, and the fact that we quickly turn ideas into action. As a kind of sparring partner, we assist and support with our entire know-how whenever you need us.

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