We can do just about anything. We are masters of linking

Since you are not only concerned with high-quality print media, we combine our competences into complete packages. In doing so, we respond to your specific needs and develop cross-media solutions that will inspire you and your customers. Each of our fields of competence has its own special features. These are all opportunities and yet sometimes risks and side effects. Good to know that we know these peculiarities from scratch. In times of multi-channel strategies and cross medial target groups, however, something else is even more important: Our ability to link individual competencies interdisciplinary.

We have it all!

In order to create a holistic total solution, which really covers all of your tasks in all facets. It really does work, because each and every one of our experts thinks the same direction at the same time.

Our compentences. Just take a look!

Customer Relationship Management

Customer loyalty programs,
One to one Communication


Transactional printing,
Instant printing,
Intelligent postage and
Shipping processes




Prepress, Post press,
Lettershop, Digital Printing,
Offset Printing,


Campaign management,
Direct marketing,


Cloud Solutions,
Tailor-made programming

Management (SCM)

Warehousing and
Contract logistics,

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We drive your customer loyalty forward! Via targeted and unique actions, we accompany your customers through the different phases of the customer lifecycle (prospective customer, new customer, regular customer, customer recovery). Based on your customer data, we reconsider your customers’ needs and develop individual and segmented 1:1 communication like mailings, brochures or catalogs. Through our production possibilities, we work cost-effectively and create emotional, long-term customer relationships at once.


Whether it is a text message or phone call, personalized web page, offline mailing, e-mail newsletter, social media or a combination of everything. We realize your customer campaigns across all channels and ensure high recovery rates. We think of everything that is important to you. We implement both small campaigns (single-channel strategy) and large campaigns (multi-channel strategy) and take the requirements of individual targets and target groups into account.


Within the competence area of IT, we develop solutions that intervene and support in almost all other areas of our activities. We offer both shop solutions (SCM), print-on-demand solutions (print), the preparation of data streams and their automation in processes (recurring communication) as well as data analysis (CRM) or the technical setting up of campaign processes (dialogue). In the course of this, we implement the right IT infrastructure in your systems for every project-specific issue. As necessary with direct intranet or ERP connection.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

With more than 4,000 consignment and pallet storing positions and the daily distribution of up to 1,000 packages, our SCM competences provide you with a wide range of possibilities. From order acceptance and return management, through payment transactions to outsourced support processing, we ensure the correct implementation of every conceivable request in the area of your logistics. Within the framework of outsourcing projects, we take over e.g. process parts like fulfillment or storage solutions and integrate them into your existing SCM. We are able to embed extensive areas from classic warehouse logistics up to clearing solutions.

Recurring communication

Through speed and precision, we shape your transactional printing. We integrate our systems into your relevant output systems and transform delivered data streams into invoices, reminders, bank statements or even salary statements in the shortest possible time. We also take care of the selective addition of inserts and the post-optimized distribution.


Our competences in the field of printing are particularly characterized by their versatility. We work for you on the roll, the sheet, in digital and / or offset printing and center your ideas and wishes in the printing process. At the same time, we realize complete solutions ranging from prepress to the most complex logistics. In all of this, we attach great importance to the high-quality processing and finishing of your print ideas. In the end, we create haptic emotional branding experiences for you and your customers.