We slip into every conceivable role
for our customers

What can you do for us?

Are you able to act
straight away?

Time is pressing, all eyes on you and the breath of your competitors in your neck, the project does not have to be finished within a month or a week or three days, but right now.

msp – We are waiting for you right at the starting line!

Can you help
in the nick of time?

Your project is stuck, the budget is lost forever unless you're able to find someone to sort out the mess as fast as possible. The least you want to hear now are sentences like "Why did not you come to us in the first place?" Even the medic does not give an unfortunate "victim" a lecture on the road traffic regulations.

msp – We are medic first-aid responders in our second career!

Can you do it
really, really loud?

You want to be dead serious about it, end the overcautiousness. All of that lies behind. Your project should hit like lightning. The promotion is intended to inspire the masses, roar like thunder, shooting stars in the midst of night, stand out like shiny gold nuggets in a river of pebbles.

msp –It may be that less often is more. Sometimes, however, more is just simply more.

...we can do a lot!

In order to always find the best solutions, we slip into different roles for you and your project - each and every day!

Your regular projects require racingcar drivers or rocket engineers. The next minute we are A&E doctors. Just to slip into the role of a detective the very next day. The next time you may experience us as world champion football dribbling artists.

In doing so, we always pursue the goal of contributing individual ideas in every conceivable situation.

In which role do you need us next?

The racecar driver

When the clock ticks relentlessly and everything has to go very fast from now on. Helmet on, the existence of a brake pedal being ignored.

The Amplifier

Ensures attention in spaces where you can't understand your own words, because they are already packed full. Amplifies messages that would otherwise fail and fade in the noise.

The dribbling artist

Avoids every obstacle, lets the opponent look like slalompoles - whether they are deadlines, software errors or changes in the very last minute.

The rocket engineer

Steps bravely into unknown territory when standard solutions fail. Thrives and goes far beyond when others give up due to difficulties

The A & E medic

Emergency First Response to projects that are threatened to fail. Doesn't beat around the bush, does what's necessary and vital. Aims to save the project as a whole.

The detective

When our clients only scarcely known in which direction their journey is heading he assists along the way. He oberserves what's going on and finds ways where there are none at all to be seen yet.

The therapist

Paramedic for the soul with an indepth view from the outside. Provides sight from above for the often needed second opinion and shows ways that others still have not have even thought of.

The goalkeeper

is around and about solely concerned about the security of his team, stops any situation going up in smoke. Uncompromising and without a sense of humor seeing and stopping someone storming up towards hin and his wooden post.